About us

I absolutely fell in love with British flowers while planning my wedding in 2015. Living in London, but with my family in the north west, my mum mentioned that she felt a little left out of the day to day planning of the celebrations, so one day when I was sat in my little allotment thinking 'wouldn't it be great if I could use a few flowers I'd grown myself for the wedding' it suddenly came to me that my mum could grow a few flowers for us in her garden. A few quickly turned to a lot, as we experienced just how obsessive it is to sow a little seed and experience the joy of watching it grow with your nurturing, and finally being rewarded with beautiful blooms all summer.

With this new found love I gradually started growing less vegetables and much more flowers. A couple of years later I had to give up my allotment due to a house move out of the area, followed by the arrival of my little princess. Even though I continued growing for myself I always wanted to grow more to be able to share with other flower lovers, which leads us to this point, during lockdown I decided to take the plunge and start growing on a larger scale. I joined Flowers from the Farm and haven't looked back.

I'm now growing on a micro scale in Chalfont St, Giles, Buckinghamshire. I love my little plot and the tranquility it brings. Being situated within a small holding I saw all the wildlife buzzing around and knew that I wanted to do my bit to protect them all, meaning not only do I grow with no chemicals, I also have a dedicated patch of native wildflowers growing for the pollinators. Along with a selection of bee friendly flowers, left for their benefit.

My career background is in textiles, having studied textile design at university I then went on to work within textile homeware development for Designers Guild and Laura Ashley, which deepened my love of colours and textures. 

I hope with each bunch, bucket or bouquet you will see this love of colour and texture, and enjoy having the flowers in your home as much as I've enjoyed growing them.